Types of Basketball Betting

What Naza24 is good to know before placing bets on basketball
Having been demonstratively presented for the first time at the Olympic Games in 1904, basketball spread throughout Europe, and in 1932 the foundations of the International Amateur Basketball Federation (FIBA) were laid. Before seeing what are the main competitions and what types of basketball bets you can place, it is useful to know some of the rules by which this sport is played:

Basketball is played between two teams of 5 players each, whose goal is to insert the ball into the opponent’s basket and at the same time prevent them from scoring.
The team that scores the most points until the end of the game time wins the game.
The ball can only be played with the hand and can be passed, hit, dribbled and thrown in any direction.
The rectangular plot must have a length of 26 meters and a width of 14 meters. The flat and hard playing surface must be free of any obstacle.
In a basketball match, there are usually 4 halves of 10 minutes each, with a 2-minute break between quarters 1-2 and 3-4, respectively a 15-minute break in the middle of the game between quarters 2 and 3. In some basketball championships, like the North American one (NBA), a game is played in four halves of 12 minutes each.
Only the actual playing time is taken into account when determining the regulation time of the game, during interruptions of any kind the timer is stopped.
Each team is entitled to two timeouts in both halves of a match.
If at the end of regular time the score is equal, an additional 5-minute overtime period will be played.
A basket scored from within the semi-circle or on its line is worth 2 points, and one scored from outside the semi-circle is scored 3. A successful free throw is worth one point.
During the game, deviations from the rules or personal mistakes are sanctioned by losing the ball.
If a player commits a number of 5 personal fouls during a game, he is permanently removed from the field.
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Competitions where you can place basketball sports bets
The Basketball World Cup is an event organized by FIBA ​​every 4 years and brings together the most valuable national teams from around the world. The winner of the competition automatically qualifies for the Olympic Games. It represents a good opportunity to place bets on basketball.
The European Basketball Championship is a biennial competition under the auspices of FIBA ​​Europe, which includes all 51 national European basketball associations. At this tournament, extremely contested games are played and you have the opportunity to place basketball bets.
FIBA Europe also organizes the Euroleague, the main men’s basketball competition in Europe. It is intended for the strongest club teams on the European continent and represents a good opportunity for basketball sports betting enthusiasts.
When it comes to basketball sports betting, in the top of bettors’ preferences is the NBA, the North American basketball league that has 29 teams from the USA and one team from Canada.
You can also place basketball bets on events from the powerful European championships, or even from the domestic championship. Let’s see what are the main types of basketball bets you can bet on:

Basketball betting on the final result
This type of prediction, which only takes into account the regular game time, excluding any extra time, offers you the following betting options:

1 – the home team wins
X – at the end of regulation time, the scoreboard records a tie score
2 – the guests win the game
1X – the home team wins or the match ends in a draw
X2 – the game ends in a draw or is won by the guests
You have the same betting options to bet on the result recorded at the end of the first half.

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Basketball bets on match winner
With this type of bet, the “equal” option is not offered, because when determining the winner, possible extensions are also taken into account. You can bet on one of the following two options:

1 – the home team wins in regulation time or after extra time
2 – the guests win, no matter if they do it after possible extra time or during regular game time
Handicap basketball betting
It is a type of bet where a team starts with a hypothetical advantage or handicap, and the prediction becomes a winner if that team wins with the help of that hypothetical advantage, or despite the hypothetical starting handicap.

First half/final match basketball bets
It is a more difficult prediction to give, for the result from the break and from the end of the regular game time, that is why the odds offered for these types of basketball bets are usually high. You have the following betting options:

1/1 – the hosts lead at the break and get the victory
1/X – the home team leads at halftime and the match ends in a draw
1/2 – the home team leads at halftime, but the guests win in the end
X/1 – at the end of the first half the score is equal and in the end the hosts win
X/X – after the first half the score is equal and the match ends in a tie
X/2 – at halftime the score is equal and the guests win in the end
2/2 – the guests lead at the break and win the match
2/X – the guests lead at the break and the match ends in a draw
2/1 – the guests lead at the break, but the hosts get the victory at the end of the game
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Basketball sports betting on total points
They are under/over type bets and refer, as the case may be, to the total number of points scored in the game, in the first or second half, by the hosts or by the guests. Regardless of whether you bet pre-match or live, you have the following betting options on the total points:

Total match points – As a rule, this type of bet also takes into account the points scored in the possible overtimes of the match
Total points for the home team
Total points away team
Total points first half
Total points hosts first half
Total away points first half
Odd/Even Points Total – Gives you the option to bet that the total points in a match will be an even or odd number
Double win basketball sports betting
For this type of prediction to be a winner, it is necessary that the team you bet on wins in both halves. It offers you the following two betting options:

1 – the home team wins both the first and the second half
2 – the away team wins both halves

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