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Gamesys blackjack games are Web-capable variants of the casino classic created by The Gamesys Group, a UK-based online game design company. Gamesys is one of the largest and most prominent software developers in the United Kingdom. In addition to being a gambling game operator, they are responsible for a number of prominent social gambling, real money slots, and casino sites in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Gamesys was the first company Facebook entrusted to introduce real-money wagering applications on its social platform. The company was founded in 2001 by online design expert Noel Hayden and a small team of developers, and has since become a significant force in online game design.

Gamesys produces a collection of over 250 titles. In 2001, a modest group of game developers and entrepreneurs founded the company. Gamesys now has 24 million participants worldwide, employs nearly one thousand employees in seven locations around the globe, and has its headquarters in Central London.
Their success has been repeatedly acknowledged by the gaming press; eGaming Review ranked the company fifth on its “Power50” list of online gambling businesses.

The Gamesys blackjack feature that stands out the most if the fact that all of their blackjack variants are available in either a traditional or a “zero house edge” version. Paying a 10% commission on all net winnings for a given session more than compensates for the difference in odds when compared to a blackjack variant with zero house edge. Very few of the games listed by the company as having no house advantage have a 0% theoretical house edge. Even if they did, you could only profit if you wagered in a very specific manner, with low-volatility wagers and a limited wagering range.

Gamesys offers substantially fewer blackjack variations than other online casino game developers, with only four blackjack titles in its library. This is not inherently a negative development; after all, how many Deluxe or Bonus variants of baccarat do you need? The fact that three of their blackjack variations have a house edge that is at least competitive with the rest of the industry is a feather in their cap. In actuality, only one of their blackjack variations, a game they call Diamond Blackjack, offers the sort of statistics that would indicate you should avoid it at all costs.

This section examines the available blackjack variations, the house edge for each, and the optimal strategy for Gamesys blackjack games.

Gamesys Administration Noel Hayden, the company’s founder

In the early years of the dot-com era, Mr. Hayden’s first occupation was Web design. Hayden founded Internet Digital Media from scratch and sold it to Gameplay for just enough capital to establish Gamesys. Because of his continuous affinity for gaming, he founded the game design company.

CEO Lee Fenton
In 2008, Mr. Fenton joined the Gamesys team as COO, and in the summer of 2015, he was elected CEO. Mr. Fenton made his mark in the executive world as the COO of 20th Century Fox’s mobile division and Global Director at Vodafone. He is regarded as an authority on global branding.

CFO Michael Mee
Mr. Mee has served as the CFO of Gamesys since 2005. He obtained his credentials from Ernst & Young and held his first executive position with Sporting Index. He is a sports enthusiast.

COO Robeson Reeves
Mr. Reeves began his career with the organization in 2005 as a low-level assistant. His foundation in mathematics and psychology undoubtedly contributes to his sports betting expertise.

CTO Phill Graham
Mr. Graham joined Gamesys in 2006 and was promoted to CTO in 2015. His interests include boating and gaming.

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