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Where did the Thai lottery originate?

Thais may be familiar with the picture of a street hawker carrying a brown wooden box containing many pairs of lottery tickets. Previously, it was only offered as a single card. Since the lottery has just recently began to be offered in pairs after the 2014 lottery change. Therefore doubling the buyer’s gains.

But the Thai lottery has a sinister side as well. For instance, the price of a lottery ticket is fixed to be 80 baht, but in practice, very few purchasers really win 80 baht since the sale of lottery tickets is passed on from one person to the next. Because it is fried, the price continues to grow. Occasionally, before arriving in certain regions, the price exceeds 100 baht.

Superstition surrounding lotteries

Believe it or not, superstition is also associated with lotteries. Because the lottery is a game with fortunate numbers. Therefore, when the lottery dealer predicts which lucky numbers will be drawn, there will also be unlucky ones. These terrible numbers may be purchased inexpensively. Compared to other numbers that sell for 110-120 baht, terrible numbers may only cost 85-90 baht.

How do Thai people choose their lottery numbers?

Because numbers and diverse faiths are inextricably linked. Therefore, purchasing lottery tickets for Thais entails locating lucky numbers through various means, such as new license plates. The license plate of the vehicle involved in the recent collision. Numbers placed on significant locations or accident sites. You may look for numbers from holy vows at various courts are also quite popular.

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Accurate fortunate numbers Lottoheng

While making oaths at sacred locations or consulting the results of past occurrences is common, there are other players who rely on statistical concepts. If a number is frequently drawn, it becomes an excellent option. While figures that have not been released for an extended period of time are often not reliable. And statistically based gamers typically do not purchase.

Life expectancy of lottery vendors

60% of the total lottery earnings will be given to reward money for the lucky winners, 20% will go to the Thai government, and the other 20% will be distributed. This is the case, according to this

Street sellers 12% \sWholesalers 2% Fund for social endeavors 3% 3% discount for nonprofit organizations, foundations, and associations

It is evident that the majority of purchasers will purchase from modest street sellers. However, only 12% of government lottery money is distributed to these sellers, leading the lottery price to consistently exceed 80 baht.

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What is the underground lottery Lotto Heng?

Although genuine government lottery selling already exists However, consumers of legal lotteries frequently perceive drawbacks or restrictions that make it hard to purchase or participate. As a result, underground lottery was created to fill the need left by the inability of the government lottery to provide certain benefits, such as the awarding of rewards after a 16-day wait or lottery costs ranging from 80 to 120 baht each pair. In addition, there are unique draw rates dependent on the predominant type of legal lotteries.

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