How to Play Mahjong

In ฝาก 50 รับ 150 ไม่ทำเทิร์น this article we will tell you the secrets of an internationally loved game. We discuss together which are the most famous Mahjong rules, what you need to know about the meaning of the pieces and some curiosities. You will learn all about the history of Mahjong games, including Fruit Mahjong or Mahjong Classic. Discover how to play Mahjong on SuperCazino!

A whole wave of myths, legends, said and heard surrounds the history of Mahjong games. No one knows how the pieces appeared, how the game evolved and how it became popular. Some stories say that the great philosopher Confucius was the creator of this game, while others say that it is impossible because Mahjong pieces appeared in 1890 and not in 500 B.H.

However, the story of the game is nice. Some say the pieces mimic the sound of birds when dropped on the table. Confucius would have been passionate about these fliers and would have called Mahjong after the language of non-speakers – Chirping Sparrow. But, Mahjong Classic is a strategy game that is similar in many ways to dominoes. It seems like a perfectly balanced mix between the two. Mystery surrounds the game’s story, but not the Mahjong rule set.

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Mahjong rules
The first question you may ask yourself is: how is Mahjong played? It seems a little complicated at first glance and you need a little patience to piece together how the whole selection of Mahjong rules work.

We still managed to research the rules of classic Mahjong games, fruit Mahjong game or online Mahjong. All versions of the game have points in common, but there are also some differences. For starters, remember these Mahjong rules and dig into them.

The online Mahjong set or Mahjong Classic is composed of 136 pieces called Tiles. There are 36 characters, 36 tiles with bamboo symbols and another 36 tiles with circles divided into 9 different characters.

In the 136 pieces, there are also bonus pieces representing flowers and the 4 seasons, as well as 16 pieces representing the wind and another 12 with characters portraying fierce dragons. As generalities about these Mahjong games, we mention the number of players and what the game board is made of.

According to the Mahjong rule set, it is played with a minimum of 4 players.
The game set also includes two dice.
Some Mahjong games may also have support, as is the case with rummy.
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How to Play Mahjong?
There are several ways to learn how to play Mahjong. The game starts as the players want. Those who are oriented towards Mahjong Classic, shuffle the game boards and divide them according to the 4 cardinal points. The game begins by choosing a cardinal point associated with the player according to the Mahjong rule set.

However, many pass the choice of the first player through a simpler way. In any Mahjong rule set, you have the option of rolling the dice and whoever manages to have the highest score will start the game. If you know a little Rummy, it’s easier to learn how to play Mahjong. We see the main rules below.

The 136 pieces are mixed and then divided.
Pieces for Mahjong Online/Mahjong Classic are divided into piles of 13 pieces each.
Only the one who divides them gets 14 pieces instead of 13.
The players display each piece lengthwise and wide on the game board.
As in Rummy, pieces are used to form sequences of the same suit/characters/colors.
Pieces are thrown on the table. Players can draw pieces from a pile if they are not satisfied with the piece already discarded by other players. The game continues until someone succeeds in making Mahjong.
Ending the hand in Mahjong. According to the Mahjong Online and Mahjong Classic rule sets, the game is over when one player has managed to form a suite of 14 pieces. These boards consist of at least 4 sets of pieces and one pair.

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The Meaning of Each Mahjong Piece
Mahjong pieces are quite interesting and unique. Compared to other games, they were created based on the Asian tradition. That is why you will see many symbols written in Chinese, but also symbols specific to this culture.

Numbers – in the Mahjong rule set, these are the pieces that are numbered from 1 to 9 in sets of 4.
Bamboo – you can also find them under the name of sticks. The piece with the number 1 is often called the bird, and the rest are represented by the number of sticks (piece 2 has 2 sticks, piece 3 has 3 sticks, piece 4 has 4 sticks, etc.)
Flowers – by far the cutest symbols in Mahjong are the flowers, which are considered to be an optional suite of 8 pieces. On the 8 pieces there are different flowers usually portrayed by roses, bamboo, plums, orchids. As part of the 8 pieces, 4 of them are represented by seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Honor suites – are wind suites associated with the 4 cardinal symbols – North, South, East and West. The wind symbol set consists of 16 pieces. The second suite of honor is played by dragons or archers, specific to Asian culture.
Tips and Strategies – How to Win at Mahjong
Be very careful in the moves you will make, the pieces you will throw on the table, no matter what variations of Mahjong games you try. Every action is followed by consequences. Other tips that can help you:

Try to form a sufficiently clean, balanced and organized plan. Don’t throw the pieces to luck, think every move ahead.
Don’t stay after a piece too long. It’s better to fill gaps than to be left with some of them on your game board.
Try to form as many pairs as possible and try to keep them on the board until the end.
Don’t take all the pieces thrown by the players if they don’t help you. Choose only the discarded pieces that can complete your moves.
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Mahjong Specific Terms
Like Mahjong rules, there are a few things that repeat themselves in every variation. It’s about set up, combinations and the end of the hand.

Kong – means 4 pieces belonging to the same symbol, displayed on the game board.
Chow – consists of three symbols of the same kind.
Pung – according to the Mahjong rule set, it is a sequence.
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Classic Mahjong Games – Trivia
Mahjong Classic is already known for the curiosities it hides that make it so fascinating. Let’s see some interesting things:

Mahjong is so popular that there have even been tournaments created based on it.
In 2002, Mai Hatsune won the international Mahjong championship.
The game aims to reflect as much parts of Asian culture as possible.
Mahjong was considered a game of chance in China and was banned between 1949 and 1985

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